Joan Peters

Owner & Teacher

"Our daughter had fallen behind in reading after transferring to a new school. Joan was able to not only get her back on track, but reading at two grade levels above where she is expected to be at school. Our daughter has gained confidence and now she loves to read. Without our requesting it, Joan began working with our daughter on penmanship and writing. Joan knows the skills needed to succeed in school and in life. Our child looks forward to her sessions with Joan."
-Ann, parent.

 "Thank you for helping our son with his math. You have been working with him for only a month and I'm amazed at the confidence he is showing in his math skills already. You're awesome!"
-Valerie, parent.

"I never want to stop coming here because learning is so fun!"
-Myra, student.

"You make reading and learning fun and easy."
-Anthony, student.

"My son has learned so much and likes to read now. Thank you."

-Robert, parent.

"Thank you so much for helping my daughter. It's a good thing that I brought her in for an assessment. I never realized that the reason she struggles with reading is because she is dyslexic. Not only were you able to provide us with answers, but you were able to accurately diagnose our daughter with dyslexia and provide her with a customized treatment plan. Within two months, you have made a profound difference in her reading and spelling. Now she can read and enjoys reading. I can't thank you enough!"
-Tracy, parent.

"Thanks for helping me with my math. You are my mentor!"

-Jacob, student.

"My son has been coming to you for a year and just finished first grade. His school did some end of year testing, and my son reads and comprehends at a fifth grade level! I can't thank you enough! I will definitely be bringing my daughter to you in the fall!"

-Linda, parent.

"My son has been coming to you for math for a year and has just finished fourth grade. Not only did you catch him up, but he is now ahead and the top of his class! Thank you!"

-Katy, parent.